Playing Roulette

Most people that have never seen a Roulette wheel are going to get the basic knowledge of how this is played. For several people that may just be stepping into the casino, the game can seem a bit hard to understand. The main idea that people have when they go into a casino is that they are going to have to bet and there are betting strategies that can be used in order to succeed. But, with Roulette, the betting strategy is simple. The person just needs to hope that they have the luck on his side to win.

The layout of the Roulette wheel is the basic component that one needs to understand. The wheel consists of number zero to thirty-six. Some wheels will have a double zero too, depending on whether the person is playing according to European or American rules. On the table each number will be in either black or red. The colors will alternate on the table giving the punter a lot of possible combinations to bet on.

When playing, the dealer will put a ball into the wheel and spin the wheel. The number and color where the ball falls on decide the winning bet. So how does one bet in order to play? One can pick one of the numbers or can choose multiple numbers and combinations at once, or just select a color, or foresee whether the number will be odd or even. Thus, there are a few decisions that can be made. The likelihood is fixed and constant every spin and thus the ball will land on either red or black each turn with the same probability.

Do people actually win at Roulette? This is a common question and the answer is sometimes. When a person makes a bet, the amount of the bet dictates how much he can win. The odds in a game are weighted out of thirty six numbers, thus the person can get the odds of 35:1, which could turn back an impressive winning depending on how much the person bets. Obviously the “0” on the European Roulette and the further “00” on the American one – that make the possible outcomes 37 and 38 respectively, represent the edge for the house.


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